$65,042 raised!
$99,958 to go!

This fantastic fundraising gala will showcase multiple live music and dance performances, both live and silent auctions, and a dance floor on which you can boogie afterwards! Your ticket price includes a delicious dinner and a night to remember! 


There are four ways to pay, we try keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Cheque
  3. Cash
  4. Interact Email Transfer

Below are the details for each which are also displayed on the Order Confirmation page and emailed to you upon order completion.

Credit Card

Your Credit Card payment will be processed today for any Donation amounts you chose.

For any pledge amounts you chose, if the project is fully funded, your payment will be automatically debited from you card.


With at least two fundraising functions coming up we need hands on deck! From collecting and sourcing auction items, to set up, decoration, and on the day help. Sign up today to help out!

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We heard loud and clear from our members and supporters that we needed to do a better job getting the word out. Even though we have had huge support from local media (print, radio, digital and even local tv), we still often hear that people don't know what is going on. You can help!  Word of mouth is hugely powerful, and once you put this project on people’s radars they will begin to notice the other promotion amongst all the other news items out there!

Pledge to support the campaign and get a reward, or donate today and get a tax receipt! Great options available for every individual, family, business, & organization!

The raised funds will be used to complete the upgrades to the washrooms, finish the lobby, install the concession, and enclose the facade. There is opportunity to reduce costs with volunteer labour, or in-kind donations of specific materials or products.


The money previously raised was used to cover staff costs, create promotional and marketing material, upgrade and refinish 2 theatres, remove substantial asbestos, rewire old electrical, as well as purchase of 300 theatre seats, 2 digital projectors, velvet curtains & 2 projection screens.


The campaign in December was launched with the hopes that all the money required to complete renovations and operate for the first few montsh could be collected in the short timeline. Also, the Kickstarter platfor charges 5% of any fully-funded campaign.  

So the math is this:

In December we required $190K for renovations & operations. Kickstarter's fees would be $10K to raise that much, so our campiagn was for an even $200K.